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Xbox Game Bar Team Unveils New Widgets From XSplit, Razer and Intel For PC Gamers

Updated: January 6, The Streamlabs overlay is among some of the most popular tools when streaming to Twitch. Using web-based data, you can use it to show a variety of things during the live show. All it takes is a simple URL from your account. Formerly known as Twitch Alerts, Streamlabs is a collection of tools that are easy to implement for live streaming on Twitch.

You can set up alerts, goals, moderate the channel messages, show a tip jar and much more. The system also has a minor capacity to display analytics for your channel, such as follows, subscribers and total tips. Using the Streamlabs overlay essentially spices up your broadcast. For security reasons, Streamlabs will automatically hide the URL for the alert box widget. This is to protect you in case you accidentally stream your account page — which happens far more than you might think.

Now you can grab the box in XSplit and resize it to fit your needs. You can make it large or small depending on how you want it to show during the Twitch stream. This will send test data to the widget in XSplit Broadcaster. It will show your image as well as yourself as the follower. At this point, you can reshape the widget or move it to a new location.

This is all personal preference. Place it somewhere you want everyone to see it. Some viewers may not appreciate the disruption of a follower alert. So now you have a follower alert in XSplit broadcaster, but what if you want to make a few changes? What can you do to make your alert box in XSplit stand out more to the audience? Click any of the headings available under the different test buttons. By default, General Settings is already selected.

However, you can customize things like the Follows alert by clicking the heading. This area lets you change images, sounds, the layout of the alert box, sound volume, fonts and more.

You can even upload animated gifs if you want to go beyond a simple still image. The alert box will not update your adjustments until you do. I suggest going through each option carefully for each alert type.

Streamlabs Alerts uses Google Fonts, so you have access to a long list of styles. You can change the font on each individual alert as well as any Alert Variations you set up for your live stream. Alert Variations let you change what is seen and heard from the widget based on specific criteria.

You can also set variations to happen randomly while changing how often its shown from very frequently to very rarely. In literally minutes, you can have something to show visitors when you get follows, tips, subscribers and more.For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Are you a member? Sign in now.

Remember Me. Not a member yet? Sign up now. Enter your email address and follow instructions to reset your account password! Two days ago, during Inside Xbox, the Xbox Game bar team announced a new update that will leave fans excited! Right in the Game Bar menu, gamers can browse and find new widgets and also manage the installing and updating of their widgets without ever needing to exit the Game Bar.

Quite easy, yeah? Gamers can quickly start and stop their broadcast, have chat sessions, check events statistics that help increase viewer engagement, and optimize encoding setup to guarantee high-quality streaming—thanks to the Gamecaster widget. Also, the widget is fully customizable, so this gives gamers access to venture in on features important to them and even tag those they need to be present on-screen during gameplay.

Talk about next-level stuff. For those already a Gamecaster user, visit the Microsoft store or the widget store in the Game Bar to download and activate the Gamecaster widget for Xbox Game Bar. By taking advantage of this feature, gamers end unnecessary services and processes running in the background PCs that there can be more space for optimal gaming.

xsplit widgets

To earn some Razer Silver, players would have to log in daily, play, and redeem Razer Silver for some cool rewards that include— games, Razer gear, exclusive gift cards, and much more—all in the widget.

Gamers can also get the best deals via the widget by clicking game deals to see a comparison across PC game stores. Games with a preexisting Razer Gold wallet can enable the new Razer Gold widget. However, this feature will only be available later this spring and will give early access to power profiles, capture features, game streaming, and display settings.

This means more customization-based widgets on the go! Latest: Uncharted Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection remnant from the ashes minecraft minecraft: bedrock fallout fallout 76 Trials of Mana xenoblade chronicles: definitive edition league of legends call of duty Call of Duty: Warzone Valorant overwatch animal crossing animal crossing new horizons counter strike counter strike: global offensive The Long Dark journey capcom resident evil resident evil 3 remake gears of war gears tactics.

Remember Me Lost your password? Forgot Password. Apr 09, Emmanuel Giovanni 0 comments Last year Microsoft added a Spotify integration to its Xbox Game Bar on the PC, and now it will be able to offer far more third-party support. Love is in the air. Your Xbox and PC are ready to take their relationship to the next level. As introduced during its April Inside Xbox presentationsome of the first ones up include integrations from Razer for its Cortex gaming enhancements and Gold wallet deals.

Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Monterey Bay Aquarium is doing virtual tours in 'Animal Crossing'. Latest in Gaming. Image credit: Microsoft. Sponsored Links. Razer Cortex widget Microsoft. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Switch update finally lets you move downloaded games to an SD card.

Amazon is slashing commission rates for its affiliate program. GitHub's core code tools are now free for everyone. From around the web. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.The Game Bar in Windows 10 is about to become a lot more versatile.

xsplit widgets

That's because Microsoft is allowing more third-party developers to make their own widgets for the Game Bar, which can then be distributed through a dedicated app store. Microsoft laid the groundwork for this very thing last year when it added new features to the Game Barincluding a Spotify widget. This essentially means that any developer can build a custom widget for the Game Bar.

The benefit of widgets is not having to Alt-Tab your way out to separate apps when playing games. Microsoft says it heard the feedback on this "loud and clear," and to get things started, there are a couple of additional widgets available to members of the Windows Insider program. Everyone else will get access to them "in the near future. One of the new widgets now available is XSplit's Gamecaster streaming app.

Once installed, users can control their streams from within the Game Bar. It's customizable as well, allowing you to expand and pin certain features.

Razer and Intel are also jumping on board in the early going. A new Razer Cortex widget ties in with the company's rewards program and also includes a tool to nuke certain background processes and is available now, while an upcoming Intel widget brings the company's Graphics Command Center utility to the Game Bar.

The Intel widget is interesting because AMD and Nvidia are the only players in the discrete graphics space right now, but that will change when Intel rolls out its first discrete GPU later this year. Microsoft did not say when exactly the expanded widgets and dedicated widgets store will debut to the public, but my hunch it will all arrive with the next major Windows 10 update 20H1.

Paul has been playing PC games and raking his knuckles on computer hardware since the Commodore In his off time, he rides motorcycles and wrestles alligators only one of those is true. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Image credit: Microsoft Razer and Intel are also jumping on board in the early going.

Full A to Z XSplit Broadcaster Setup Guide for Beginners 2018

Paul Lilly. See comments. Topics Windows Updated: September 21, How can you connect these two in your stream? Overlays give a bit extra when you broadcast. You can add graphics, tools from Streamlabs and run background text scripts with various programs. This is a free profile you can share to help the charity in social media or through direct donations.

Xbox Game Bar's new widgets link to apps like XSplit

Extra Life has a lot of useful elements such as graphic overlays, logos, images and more to boost your stream or to simply add to a blog.

You will see the XSplit plugins list in ascending order by default. When you install this Extra Life plugin, XSplit adds it as a widget. This will add the Extra Life overlay into your stream. From here, you can resize the overlay to fit your needs. Just go to your Extra Life profile page and look in the address bar of your browser for the number. Anyone can see it by accessing your profile.

You can add sounds, change the color and modify the layout of the widget to better match your stream design. Personally, I like adding my own sounds to alerts for the stream.

xsplit widgets

It sets it apart from all the others in way. Using the ID number of another person or team, you can show those stats next to your own. The XSplit Extra Life plugin is only one way you can show support of the charity. This page is full of information regarding Extra Life and all the different ways you can help.

The link will open a new browser window that will show a button for Multimedia and one for Broadcasting. Another tab will open that is loaded with all kinds of things to boost your stream. This is a public access Dropbox folder that you can access from the charity organization. Audio PSAs, donation alerts, overlays and more are all available and free to use in your broadcast.XSplit uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. If you require more information please visit our Privacy Policy. General Widgets consist of various plugins for improving your overall broadcasting experience. There are four 4 widgets that come installed with XSplit Broadcaster, ready for use and each widget adds its own unique control over what goes into your XSplit Broadcaster scene.

xsplit widgets

You can customize and set effects and transitions for your slideshow. Adds a function to create a slideshow of image and video files. You can control the playback, set volume and audio output device, add transition effects, enable looping, and set the time intervals.

Adds a widget that allows you to create a playlist for multiple video files that can be automatically played in succession. You can customize the order and set video to repeat. The Whiteboard widget adds an interactive flash function that allows you to make annotations as an overlay. Welcome to XSplit Support. Broadcaster User Manual. Media Slideshow Adds a function to create a slideshow of image and video files. Video Playlist Adds a widget that allows you to create a playlist for multiple video files that can be automatically played in succession.

Whiteboard The Whiteboard widget adds an interactive flash function that allows you to make annotations as an overlay.According to Microsoft, following the debut of Spotify already integrated into the XGBplenty of 'key leaders' in the PC gaming ecosystem have expressed interest in adding their apps to the Xbox Game Bar.

Start and stop your broadcast, interact with chat, check out recent events and stats to help increase viewer interaction, and optimize encoding settings to ensure the highest quality stream — all from the Gamecaster widget. The widget is fully customizable, so you can expand the features important to you and even pin those you want to persist on screen during gameplay.

With just one step, end unnecessary processes and services running in the background to free up more juice for gaming. Check in daily, play, and redeem Razer Silver for a variety of exciting rewards — including Razer gear, games, exclusive gift cards, and more — right from the widget.

Click on a game deal to see a comparison across PC game stores. Razer Gold is the virtual credits by Razer for gamers, offering exclusive game deals and digital content. Spend Razer Gold and earn Razer Silver, the loyalty rewards program for gamers. The widget, which will become available via the IGCC beta program later this spring, will initially provide access to display settings, power profiles, and game streaming and capture features. Now, if you're interested in checking these widgets right now, you'll have to join the Windows insider program or the Xbox Game Bar flight via the Xbox Insider Hub.

Additionally, there's an SDK now available for any developer who would like to build custom widgets. By Alessio Palumbo. Share Tweet Submit.