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Originally posted by sugutie. You stared at yourself in the mirror as you stood in the bedroom. Jimin was laying on the bed, doing whatever he does on his phone all the time. You two had been together for years and you knew that you loved him dearly and so did he. Your belly proving that fact. You had been pregnant for 16 weeks now, with twins even, and you were definitely showing. Your tight shirt accentuated the curves perfectly and you ran a hand over your growing tummy.

Neither your pants or your shirts fitted anymore and even your bras had become uncomfortable. You just felt bloated all the time. I used to think I was fat, look at me now. Jimin chuckled, getting of the bed as he laid his phone aside and walked over to you.

He wrapped his arms around you from behind, lacing his hands on your tummy and looking at you trough the mirror. How dare she call herself fat because of you. I was just making a joke. His eyes sparkled as he smiled down at you. He made sure you felt loved, and beautiful, that day.

And all the other days after for that matter. I have no Idea what happened here. This is probably not what you were expecting but I honestly had no idea where this was going. Ask and request Submit a post.Originally posted by professional-fangirling.

Once again you found yourself at the boys dorms, occupying one of the bedrooms to have some privacy reading.

bts scenarios clingy

The place felt rather odd without your boyfriend Yoongi there in the same room with you. You knew he was busy, you had all the respect for his hard work, but he had been gone for a while, locked up in his studio.

You were worried, of course, but you had heard from Namjoon that he had decided to come sleep at the dorms for once. So you thought it would be a good idea to surprise him with your presence.

The clock was nearing 11 pm when you heard the door open and close. You stopped reading and listened closely for any signs of it being Yoongi. A smile immediately spread on your face as you dumped your book and sprung up off the chair.

You basically ran to him, wrapping your arms around his figure and burying your face in his chest. Looking up at his face, you found him not even sparing you a glance as he pushed you to the side and walked over to the couch where Namjoon was already sitting.

Your heart hurt, but you kept telling yourself he must be just tired. You could only imagine how exhausting his job was. Yoongi threw his body on the couch, letting out a long sigh. You carefully followed behind him, sitting down on the couch as well, but leaving some space between you and him.

Namjoon, eyeing the whole scene looked confusedly between the two of you. You avoided eye contact with him, staring down at your hands on your lap instead. I still have a lot to do. Just thought I should sleep here for a night to calm down.

Seeing he was talking to Namjoon, you decided to give it a try and ask him a question as well. You felt another pang in your chest, lowering your head in shame immediately. He must have had a really bad day.

Immediately your face fell and you scurried out of the room into the kitchen to collect your thoughts and get a glass of water. Namjoon stared at his hyung, who lied on the couch completely still, staring at the ceiling.

Yoongi lazily turned his head to face the younger one, giving him a look that said it all; he was annoyed. Their constant whining only adds to my stress and annoyance. Like get off my dick. Namjoon opened his mouth to reply, but closed it before he could get a word out at the sight of you.

You were standing at the kitchen doorway, staring at them with tears running freely down your face.

bts scenarios clingy

Yoongis brows furrowed in annoyance but he still turned to see what Namjoon was looking at. As his eyes landed on your frame, his eyes widened when he noticed you were crying. You were far from done. So you wanted me to leave you be?

Consider it done! You grabbed your coat from the hanger and hastily threw it on your shoulders, not even bothering with the zipper. You just needed to get out of there. You aimlessly walked to a random direction to get away when a sudden beep from the phone in your pocket made you jump. You pulled the device out only to see a worried message from Namjoon.Feel free to request or just talk to us!

Jin would hold onto you with one hand while the other strokes your hair! Though it could get frustrating for him because he has no idea if you like him as a crush or not!

Originally posted by bts Originally posted by jinkooks.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Hoseok would try to spark a conversation while being in this position as if it was nothing. Originally posted by myloveseokjin. Originally posted by forjimin. Jimin would hesitate for a few moments, wondering if he should wrap his arms around you too. Originally posted by taestylips. Especially tighter so you can feel his emotions, but it would take you a while to notice what Taehyung is actually doing.

Originally posted by catbugmp3. Jungkook would sit there all stiff, unsure of what to do back. A bunch of thoughts would run through his mind, but all he can do is pat your head. Originally posted by theking-or-thekid. Extra Links. Gongju J. Site Information. Originally posted by catbugmp3 Jungkook would sit there all stiff, unsure of what to do back. Gongju J nae-mirae. Emperor xxxemperorxxx. Kitty atypicalblogger.Originally posted by samwol.

Voices echoed throughout the house, confirming that the boys were indeed home. You clutched the bags of food in your hands, figuring that they were probably hungry so you bought some on your way here. I wished she would just stop. Your eyes brimmed up with tears upon hearing his statement. You had no idea he felt this way. You heard enough so you decided to creep into the kitchen and leave the food atop of the counter, leaving a small note saying to enjoy the meal. You left the dorm without further notice.

bts scenarios clingy

You made your way home, shutting yourself into your bedroom before letting your held back tears fall down. You had no idea Namjoon felt this way about your affection. You thought back about the days where you would question him how he was doing or if he was getting enough sleep and rest.

Frowning, finally seeing why he called you clingy. You sighed, calming down, deciding to switch things up. Folding each and one neatly before returning it back to his closet. You tucked your phone away, not wanting to be tempted to message him once more today.

Namjoon came home later that night, dead tired from all the practicing he was required to do. The house was quiet and dark which was very unusual but he decided to shrug it off, thinking that maybe you were in the shower or sleeping. Scared that you would almost fall off if you moved one inch, he dropped his bag on the floor before approaching your frame. Namjoon wrapped his arms around your body, fixating you so that you would be able to get proper slumber by having a better posture.

His actions caused you to jerk awake, eyes fluttering open. Namjoon smiled at your sleepy state, pressing a light kiss on top of your head. As he opened his closet, he saw how his clothes were neatly folded and piled upon each other, he thought of it as you just clearing out his clothing so he let it go.Only some bickering here and there, but serious arguments are rather rare. If you did something really hurtful to get on his nerves though, he would most likely talk about it with you in a calm tone.

However, he could raise his voice a little, in specific occasions. It was the heat of the moment when you told Namjoon something that Jin really trusted you with. You regreted it immediately after and had a bad feeling in your gut.

bts scenarios clingy

He sighed and avoided you gaze bitterly. Originally posted by je0n. Yoongi had a very stressful day and you tried not to get on his bad side. You bit your lip and looked at him, waiting for his reaction. Yoongi stormed past you, sighing.

Originally posted by sugaa. Namjoon would look frantically for you around the house. However one of your best friends called you out on a meeting. With that you excused yourself and quickly started to make your way back home. Originally posted by ksjknj. He would explain to you the plans about the new comeback that was about to come, but you were too distracted by your thoughts, this leaving his words fall on deaf ears.

Hoseok snapped and stood up, sighing annoyed. You lifted your gaze from your phone and gave him a questioning look. Hoseok looked at the ground and ran a hand through his locks in an angry manner. Why am I even trying. After long time and many apologies, he would come back to you, of course. Originally posted by hob-e.Hey hey hey! Originally posted by theseoks. He may be very lovable and enjoy the kisses and actions that showcase how he feels towards the person he loves, but someone who constantly craves his everything may annoy him after some time.

Though, being the big softie he is, he may not tell them of this fact just because he loves seeing how happy they get when wrapped around him. Originally posted by forjimin. To him, it would only be reassurance that they truly love him! His favorite moments are when they both have a day off and just snuggle up on the couch, talking about anything and everything that they love about one another.

Originally posted by yooingi. Some may not agree with me on this, but I feel like Mr. Agust D here is the number one tsundere when it comes to someone clinging to him. If you were to randomly sit on his lap while he works, he would call you a total burden and annoyance whilst puling you closer to him in a tight embrace.

Originally posted by hohbi. Despite every kiss, cuddle, hug, etc. Note: he would win every time by jokingly creating sexual tension. Originally posted by itschiminie. This boy. Is the king. Of sexual tension. Wait, no.

BTS Jungkook’s Obsession With Butts

He becomes the king of sexual tension. Jimin is the type to be very shy at first when it comes to clingyness. He would push it away in public, laugh light-heartedly at the idea when at home, and become red faced when its actually acted upon. But no fear!He saw Tae and Jungkook in the corner conversing, Tae shooting him the odd glance every once in a while. You should never say that to anyone. It was finally starting to dawn on him that you were serious when you told him to get his stuff when he saw his phone light up with a notification.

It was a text from you. Please tell me this is a prank. Originally posted by jjilljj. He sat there for several minutes staring at the door dumbly. Only when he heard a door slam, signalling your exit from the house, did he wake from his daze.

He had to find you, and quick. Calling your phone as he slipped on a jacket, he realized that you had left your phone in your shared bedroom. Rushing out of the door, he looked down the road, to see a figure getting into a taxi. Taking out his phone, he immediately called your friend, asking if she knew where you went. The line was silent for a few seconds. She is my life, my soul, and every bit of my being. I was such an ass and I regret it so much. You better fix this. Originally posted by seokjins-wings.

Can you do me a favor? I need a ride.

imagines blog — Slight Changes || Park Jimin

When Hoseok watched Jimin walk out of the practice room, he did get confused. You called her clingy. No wonder she asked Jimin. You screwed up big time.

Originally posted by jjeonguk. Taehyung immediately followed after, trying to get you to talk. Every comment has some semblance of truth, especially with him. Picking up your pace to a light jog, you exited the building, making your way to you car. Come on, we need to talk about this. The only reason that you want to talk about this is so that you can do it again.

Is it so wrong to bring you guys lunch so I can be sure you at least eat? I love it when you bring us lunch, when my phone blows up with text messages from you. Originally posted by kimdaily. They call you clingy Pt. H As highly requested, a part 2! And with that, Jin was rushing out of the building, determined to save your relationship.